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Let's build a 79 Million American Army of the folks who voted for President Donald John Trump and saw their votes treated like so much garbage, and a Presidency, House and Senate seats stolen in the 2020 election, all while Corporate America largely stood down and did nothing. We build the Army when members of the group sign this petition to participate in future marketing surveys and possibly boycott petitions. We are inviting any likeminded Americans to join who did not vote for President Trump. The 79 Million Americans is largely a moniker used for convenience and as a goal, a target number of those we hope to reach and have join the Army.


We believe the only way to make a meaningful and positive change in our Republic is for Americans to unite against the Bad Actors in Corporate America who stood down while what Donald Trump calls "The Steal", was executed, implemented and a Presidency stolen.


By signing this first petition you are joining the 79 Million American Army. It costs nothing and takes little time. There is no obligation

by doing so, other than agreeing to join with other likeminded Americans and take such legal steps as are offered in the future to fight back against the tyranny overrunning our Republic right now. Our plans we consider to be legal and non-violent, and we are not calling for any kind of violence, uprising, sedition or treason. We expressly reject anything like that and strongly advise against anything of the sort. This is not about overturning the 2020 election winners.


We want to accomplish the goal of persuading the Bad Actors in Corporate America to change their minds, and instead of working against us, for them to start working for and with us.


As Americans, we normally vote every two years, but every American votes daily many times with every dollar we spend. We are asking Americans to start spending every dollar as if the survival of our Republic depends on it. As an example, take Hollywood. The movies Hollywood now produced are largely being rejected by an ever-increasing majority of Americans. Ask yourself the

question, why would any American spend their money to watch a Hollywood-produced movie considering the movies Hollywood now puts out? We are asking Americans to change from voting every two years to voting many times a day.


Initially, this is a Market Survey. We want to find out how many Americans will join the Army. We have the belief that the larger the number becomes, the more the Bad Actors in Corporate America will take serious notice. Most of these corporations rely on Americans to sell products to, generate revenues and make profits. It's been that way since the first corporation was formed long ago.


To succeed, we need tens of millions of soldiers to join the Army. The larger the number of soldiers in the Army, the stronger the results we should be able to produce.


The last 50+ years of elections has proven one thing without exception, or we and our Republic would not find ourselves in the trouble we are in today. Voting every two years is simply not enough. The Steal put the icing on the cake, because now we can no longer have faith that local governments will count the ballots accurately and without fraud. So, let us all decide we are going to change the voting rules to include how we spend our money daily. It's a lifestyle change. It will take a little thought and some

dedication, discipline and devotion. It won't cost very much at all.


We solicit small donations. We make no implied or express representations or promises at all, or of any type, about the content of this

website, our marketing surveys, petitions, what we do with donations, or that we will continue this effort at all. Just recently we saw what happened to Joseph Mercola as he felt compelled to remove from his website 23 years of articles and research he'd developed.


We make no representations at all, including any about the success of our goals and plans can or will achieve. No, "Well I

thought.", or "You promised.", nothing like that. If 1 or 79+ million Americans join the army and sign a marketing survey or petition, its

simply unrealistic and absurd to think we can make any representations or promises at all. We can't even promise this website will be here tomorrow without generating revenues to pay for it. This is a for-profit website and effort. Donations are not tax deductible.


At least initially, we don't plan to take donations via credit cards or online at all. This website and its goals will likely be cause for it to be banned by credit card processing companies pretty quickly, as many organizations and websites have already experienced. The Bad Actors in Corporate America don't want 79+ Americans to unite to save our Republic. That's not their plan. Big Tech has already banned thousands and tens of thousands of their subscribers. Credit card processing companies have acted similarly. Many webhosting companies have banned and shut down many websites. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others continue to ban Americans every day for the content of their messages and what they post, and with little recourse to reverse being banned, at least in order to speak freely.


In closing and again, this is about Americans voting daily to save their Republic, rather than voting every two years to elect people that the last 50+ years of elections has proven cannot do that. This is not an either or, vote or join the Army. We all must continue to vote, and we must also start voting with every dollar you spend. Do not listen to the naysayers who proclaim, "Boycotts don't work!". They do work frequently.


Combined with the fact there's never been a boycott with 79 Million adult Americans participants behind it. The largest number of Americans in a boycott so far that we've found, at least on the conservative side of the aisle, is the 1.566 Million Americans who've signed the American Family Association's Target Boycott petition.


This website has been created and funded internally so far by a Christian. We are calling this our "Repentance Campaign". We do not believe we can succeed with this effort without the blessing of the one who made the Earth and all of us, Jesus Christ, and the first step in getting saved by Him is to repent. That's what we must all do, and not just the day you get save, but every day after that when the need arises. Signing up in the Army doesn't get you saved by Jesus Christ. This website is about doing our

repentance here on Earth. That's our part, along with daily doing the small things like spending every dollar in ways that will demonstrate we are smarter than a post turtle.

Ashley Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland & Jan6ers Marketing Survey Petition

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Many Americans do not believe Jan 6th was an insurrection with the goal of overthrowing the Federal Government. They believe the Jan6ers were targeted with Lawfare by the corrupt US Department of Justice under Merrick Garland and the Biden administration, and they want all Jan6ers who have been arrested, charged, indicted, prosecuted and/or convicted because of their alleged actions on Jan 6, 2022 pardoned immediately, and each of them to received and be paid $5 million above their legal costs,

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The problem is the vaccine mandate in the US Military, and our need to stand up in support of the men and women who'd like to keep their jobs defending America, defending us! Revoke the vaccine mandate immediately!

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The FDA just approved mRNA vaccines for children as young as 5 years old.Covid-19 in 2020 proved that it did not negatively affect children at all. It poses no risk to children at all! So why would the FDA permit mRNA vaccines for children? The FDA knows the data and metrics.We want Congress, the Supreme Court, the President, all state legislatures, courts and governors to immediately reverse the FDA's decision and ban anybody from selling and/or administering an mRNA vaccine to any person under

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This Is The American Repentance Survey  What is the problem?  The problem is obvious. Americans have left God, his son Jesus Christ, and his word, the Bible. 6,000 years ago a prophet named Jonah met a whale. He then visited a city named "Nineveh" and preached repentance. Nineveh was a pagan and pretty wicked place. Ninevites weren't Jews either. The entire city repented and God spared them his judgment. Let’s see if it will work in 2021 in America. We’ve tried the secul