The 79 Million American Repentance Army


A petition to Folks Who Love And Want To Save Our Republic


This Is The American Repentance Survey



What is the problem? 


The problem is obvious. Americans have left God, his son Jesus Christ, and his word, the Bible. 6,000 years ago a prophet named Jonah met a whale. He then visited a city named "Nineveh" and preached repentance. Nineveh was a pagan and pretty wicked place. Ninevites weren't Jews either. The entire city repented and God spared them his judgment. Let’s see if it will work in 2021 in America.


We’ve tried the secular social experiment for the last 50+ years. It failed, as we all see today all around us.


The residents of Nineveh weren't brain surgeons, lawyers, engineers, nurses, mechanics, IT folks, and probably not a high school graduate in the city. The Ninevites did it. We can do it too. So, let’s start repenting. Then let’s do our legal part to change things toward righteousness.


Let’s invoke the help of Jesus Christ to save our Republic thru repentance by acting like we are repentant. Why would anyone want to spend their money with people that hate God, hate Jesus, hate you and are actively seeking to destroy the United States of America, considering the blessing Jesus Christ bestowed upon each of us the day he caused us to be born in this once free land?



What We Face:


Corporate America stood down since Election Day 2020 and watched the Presidency stolen, and did nothing to stop or rectify what President Trump calls “The Steal”. Accordingly, Corporate America cannot be misunderstood.


Since last November, 79 Million Adult Americans saw their votes nullified and a Presidency stolen from Donald Trump. Every day now we see all sorts of new things out of the Federal Gov’t and Corporate America nullifying, negating and diminishing our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and destroying our Republic.


The problem is saving our Republic and Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, including Chinese, some Democrats, some Republicans, and led by the Bad Actors in Corporate America.



What Is A Possible Solution?  


There’s at least 79 Million adult Americans out there who constitute a legal, non-combative and non-violent social Army, waiting to Unite behind the cause of legally and non-violently saving our Republic. The goal here is to unite those folks into a social Army to persuade Corporate America to help us save our Constitution and Republic, using legal means only, including boycotts in the future if needed, to accomplish that goal.


Put yourself in the Bad Actors’ place. Imagine staring a 79 Million American Army ready to boycott  them if they continue to subvert our Constitution and Republic. That’s a pretty daunting proposition considering most of the Bad Actor’s rely on Americans to stay in business.


Corporate America can’t stand down anymore. They must join us to save our Republic and Constitution. We must work legally to get them to do that.


This is not a boycott. This is a marketing survey petition to find out how many of the 79 Million Americans will join this non-violent and legal Army. Nor is this about overturning the 2020 election. This is about changing the behavior of Corporate America legally by how we spend our money in order to save our Republic. Most corporations rely almost exclusively on Americans to stay in business, to sell products to, and to make a profit. They have every reason to want to be on the side of 79 Million Adult Americans. We must Unite first and prove we are serious about saving our Republic and demonstrate it to them. This marketing survey is designed to do that.


Normally, each of us votes every two years. But we all vote several times a day with every dollar we spend. We did not ask for this trouble. It was imposed upon all of us. Corporate America stood down in our defense and cannot be trusted. We are simply seeking to persuade it to join us in saving our great Constitution and Republic.


We are asking all 79 Million Americans who voted to reelect President Trump, and gun owners who did not vote for him, to support this effort and join the America Repentance Army, as well as anyone else who finds this effort worth supporting. Then, let’s find out what Corporate America will do before beginning any boycotts of it's Bad Actors.


This is a call for 79 Million Americans to Unite, and see if we can make a positive, non-violent and LEGAL change to protect and save for our children and grandchildren, our Republic, the United States of America.

Again, this is not a boycott. It is simply a method to see if 79 Million Adult Americans will unite behind this Strategic Plan to get Corporate America back on our side and save our Republic.


Become a modern Ninevite. It requires that you repent and join this Army.


Please join the Army by signing this marketing survey.