Ashley Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland & Jan6ers Marketing Survey Petition


A petition to Woke Corporations & Politicians Who Are Not Supporting Pardons For All Jan6ers


Many Americans do not believe Jan 6th was an insurrection with the goal of overthrowing the Federal Government. They believe the Jan6ers were targeted with Lawfare by the corrupt US Department of Justice under Merrick Garland and the Biden administration, and they want all Jan6ers who have been arrested, charged, indicted, prosecuted and/or convicted because of their alleged actions on Jan 6, 2022 pardoned immediately, and each of them to received and be paid $5 million above their legal costs, by the Federal Gov't.

Additionally, Donald Trump will received a Presidential Pardon and pardons from the governors of all states, and he will also receive $10 Billion for the Lawfare and defamation committed against him and his family by elements of the Federal government and Democratic Party since 01/01/2015.

This is a Marketing Survey to determine how many of the 79 Million adults who voted for Donald Trump will stand up for him and Jan6ers by signing a simple petition.

Another objective of this Marketing Survey is to determine how many of the 79 Million will actively engage in Legal Strategic Boycotts in support saving Jan6ers, Donald Trump and possibly our Republic.

Another goal of this Marketing Survey to accomplish the above LEGALLY, and if anything about it is illegal, to reject that part of this Marketing Survey. The author of this petition reserves the exclusive right to amend this Marketing Survey at any time should anything about it be considered illegal or tortuous.

If you are in agreement with the goals set forth above and are willing to join in Legal Strategic Boycotts, please indicate your acceptance by signing this Marketing Survey petition.