Marketing Survey Of Americans Supporting Airline Pilots Against mRNA Vaccines


A petition to Every Citizen In The United States Against CV19 Vaccine Mandates


There's overwhelming evidence that mRNA vaccines are causing all sorts of health problems, especially related to the blood, like myocarditis, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, blood clots and others.

Pilots across American are against mRNA vaccine mandates. Why not, they like their health the way it is. Combined with the fact that CV19 hospitalizations and deaths have skyrocketed since mRNA vaccines were introduced to the American public. Blood-related health problems have skyrocketed since mRNA vaccines were first administered and many, many Americans have died as a result.

The problem we want to solve is mRNA vaccine mandates, especially for pilots who fly commercial airliners with as many as 500 passengers on board.

By signing this marketing survey we are asking all airlines to stop vaccine mandates of all of their employees, especially their pilots, immediately.

Now, let's see how many of the target 79+ million adult Americans we can get to sign this marketing survey petition and find out what the executives of United, Delta, Southwest and American airlines will do.